Sydney’s first resident only dog park

At Lotus Residence we believe there should be plenty of space for the whole family – including our furry little friends. That’s why we have Sydney’s first-ever resident-only pet playground with dedicated facilities including a private dog park, manifold play equipment, and even grooming amenities to keep your pooch pampered and happy. 

Spacious outdoor communal areas

From your own personal terrace to the rooftop garden and barbecue areas Lotus Residence is filled with opportunities for entertainment and community connection.

Resident Only Dog Park 

That’s right, you read it. Sydney’s first resident only dog park is filled with play equipment and grooming facilities to keep your pooch feeling fresh, happy and engaged.

Community at it’s Core

With the communal BBQ areas, dog parks and rooftop gardens Lotus Residence is built for connecting the community of residents together.

Landscaped Gardens

The green spaces and landscaped gardens that feature throughout Lotus Residence are a treat when working from home and are in need that little escape in the afternoon.

Private Balconies 

Every apartment has its own private balcony so you can sit back relax and take in the views with a glass of wine in hand.

Not only does Lotus Residence have expansive communal areas but each apartment has it’s own private balcony where you can entertain friends or unwind with a glass of wine while taking in the views. Selected apartments have their own spacious terrace with plenty of room for entertaining friends both old and new.

Display Suite – 9 Crofts Avenue, Hurstville
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